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  • Charlotte Tsang

勞工處最新職位空缺 - Internal IT

Internal IT / Technical Support Officer

Job Highlights

  • Higher Diploma or above in Computer Science

  • Minimum 3 years of information technology

  • ● Good team player

Job Description Responsibilities:

  • Provide full spectrum of in house IT support and troubleshooting on computer devices, AV system, video conferencing and handheld devices;

  • Perform hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade and replacement;

  • Provide network administration to all infrastructure components including firewall, switches, routers, FTP & VPN solution;

  • Responsible for the routine administration and maintenance of company server, network and security control, backup/restore, patch upgrade, system monitoring, health check, disaster recovery, etc;

  • Review and optimize existing IT system;

  • Assist to handle any ad-hoc projects upon requests by supervisor;

  • Provide instruction and training to colleagues.

LOFTER GROUP, one of the emerging property developers based in Hong Kong, is recognized as a young, energetic, and creative team in the market.


IT Support Technician

Value Platforms Limited is a Hong Kong based technology solution company. Responsibilities:

  • Project coordination and sales support on IT systems and electronics products

  • Provide sales support and prototyping, technical support, project coordination and delivery

  • Project outsource management and product certification

  • Work closely with customer and R&D team


  • Good communication and presentation skill

  • Good command of spoken and written Chinese and English

  • Working experience or formal training in electronics engineering, mechancial engineering, or software engineering

  • Travelling between HK and China is required

We offer 5-day work week, flexible working hours, bank holiday, annual leave, medical insurance, MPF and result bonus to the right candidate.

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